Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm pregnant?

Meeting the man of my life was one thing but when I was told I would have a child of my own it was more happiness than I thought I could hold! Yes I felt huge towards the end but by that time I was so mesmerized by the movement within that looks took a back seat.

I remember one night as I read in bed setting the book on my builtin shelf. Deep in the story line when all of a sudden the kick from within sent my book onto the floor! What strength I thought!

It was a beautiful October when the child came. It had been a Canadian Thanksgiving the day before. The day had been filled with friends and family, horseshoes and food. I went in as usual for my check up. Mom and dad had driven me the 60 miles that day to attend to my appointment. My doctor had been a dark skinned handsome man. He had on an ivory cable knit sweater that day. I remember that because as he gave me an internal exam, he accidentally broke my water and I was hoping none had gotten on that beautiful sweater.

After 7 hours of intense labor (begun instantly when the water broke) our daughter was born. Koosh had arrived by now which allowed my mom to join my dad outside my room and she was grateful for this. She had really not been there when her children were born so it was uncomfortable to say the least for her to be keeping me company. She was out the door faster than a speeding bullet!

Koosh had coached me through and now was the time we had waited for. She needed encouragement to come out, her head had been engaged for a month! I had been given so much epidural relief that there was no feeling anymore and all I could do was push and hope the right muscles were working.

She did come and I heard her cry. Such relief when after 9 months you realize your child is breathing on her own. She will never be as dependent on you again and there is a heavy realization to that too. She was the most beautiful little human that I had ever seen. We called her Jessica Lynn.

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  1. Just magnificent. You inspire me to write Matty's birth story. I have notes and everything. Thank you for this!