Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little background...

When Koosh and I met, we were both coming out of some pretty serious relationships. We both found ourselves in a place knowing what we did and did not want out of a relationship. We were both very sensitive people who had been hurt and certainly did not want to feel that hurt again. When 2 people have had the same experiences, the same hurts and come to the same conclusions find themselves staring at one another, magical things can happen. We fell hard.

We also discovered something about each other that would influence our life together. We both loved music. Not only listening to music (although one of my fondest memories is Koosh showing up at my door one night after midnight with a Murray McLauchlin album tucked under his arm which we listened to until the wee hours) but also singing and playing our guitars. I wasn't the best singer in my family but man could I harmonize! And Koosh, well Koosh was good. If anyone was having a campfire, you would find us there and between us we had quite a repertoire!

Through our courtship we discovered that we had something that would last a lifetime. Look no further this is it. Don't move, you are there. So when I discovered I was pregnant, it was most logical to get married. And we did one hot summer's evening in July. It was a sad day a month later when I miscarried. There were those who felt we had rushed in to marriage too quickly. It had been only 7 months since we first laid eyes on one another. But the commitment we showed each other during that hard time convinced any skeptic that there was something very powerful between us.

The next six months were ones of recuperation and discovery. For this brief time, we indulged in picnics, visits with family and friends and lots of music. But there was always a part of me that longed to experience another pregnancy. It's an ache to fulfill a dream that was ended too soon. One is not complete until they can say they are with child again. The day I told Koosh that we would have a child was one of the happiest days of my life.

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  1. I certainly know what it is like to meet someone who has "shared the same experiences". I can relate!It was the same when I met my husband to be! He had been hurt deeply and I had too. We both knew we never wanted to be taken advantage of OR even more never wanted anyone to WASTE OUR TIME ever again. This was no rehearsal, it was the only life we had! There was no more time to waste. So we knew that from that moment on we would be true to one another---we saved each other's lives.....Carol H.