Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A bit of who's who...

I have given you a little bit of background about Koosh and I. I want to introduce you to the Grandparents of Jessica. All four of them had major roles in Jessica's early years.

My parents were known as Grammie and Grampi. Grammie and Grampi had lived in New Hampshire until just before I gave birth to Jessica. They decided to move to Canada to be near Koosh and I especially with a new grandchild on the way. My brother and his wife also lived close by and they had four children. So Grammie and Grampi felt this was a good move for them. It was indeed my dad that formed the caregiver in me. Like myself, he never tired of holding babies and walking babies which I had witnessed on many occasions. I have already mentioned that they were the ones that drove me into my final appointment which led to the birth of Jessica. You could always count on them in a pinch.

Koosh's mom and dad were known as Grampa John and Gramma. Grampa John was already in his 80's when Jessica was born. I am told he never held a grandchild as a baby until Jessica came along. No small feat for an 80 year old! He called Jessica - Jessie Wren and was blind to any developmental challenges she was to endure. He always spoke to her about what he would do with her in the future and he had big plans! Gramma had quite a few health issues but this did not stop her from lending a hand. I can remember in particular one night when Jessica was having one of her screaming fits and Koosh just could not be aroused. I picked Jessica up for what seemed like the 100th time and went to the rocking chair. Beside the rocking chair was the phone. Now it was about 3:00am and with that rocking chair intensely going back and forth I dialed Gramma's number. As soon as she answered she knew who it was by Jessica's cries. I immediately began relating how frustrated I was and how I just had come to my wits end and what should I do now. Calmly and softly she spoke about the day. She talked about how I was feeling and slowly the rocking chair slowed down. The baby in my arms became quiet. Gramma and I talked a little bit longer before I put Jessica back in her bed. I thanked Gramma for being there and said I thought we could all go back to sleep now. Poor Gramma never did get back to sleep that night but Jessica and I slept through to morning.

I think it is important to note that Jessica's grandparents were important people and a strong support system. Along with grandparents, Koosh and I also each had brothers who also had families living near by. Koosh having grown up in this town of Eganville, had many friends who were there for us. Eventually you may have the chance to know them all!

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