Saturday, April 25, 2009

Such a treasure...

I never tired of having Jessica in my arms. Perhaps I missed the closeness of having her within. I just could gaze on her perfection forever. To put her down I might miss pursed lips, a squint of her eyes, a hand clenched and unclenched or better yet - clenched around one of my fingers! I knew I had to get her used to being placed in her bed. After all, I did need to go to the bathroom sometime! She even looks cuter in her little crib! Does she feel me leaning over to gaze as she sleeps?

After sleeping endlessly (2 hours) in her crib, I could not wait any longer and would pick her up just to sit and watch her slowly open her eyes. I wanted to be there when she woke up. Now this may sound rather manic and I would not recommend to everyone but this practice actually served Jessica well in days and years to come. I will explain this later.

When Jess was about a month old, she would cry when she was put down. She would cry before she ate. She would cry after she ate. She would cry, cry, cry. No amount of consoling seemed to work. She would get small relief if she slept in her car bed on top of the dryer. The vibration would calm her somewhat. She mainly would respond to walking; bouncing and walking; bouncing, patting and walking. Up in Canada (possibly in the states as well) we had a product called "gripe water". You would give a crying baby this elixir and it was supposed to provide the baby relief of whatever might be ailing them. Of course I tried it! Experienced mothers raved about the product. It had an awful smell but it did seem to cause the baby burps to emerge. I believe she outgrew the cries and probably would have even without the gripe water.

I mentioned the car bed. Jessica traveled everywhere in it. This was before mandatory car seats. Hard to believe this time existed but it did. If you don't know what one is - an old time carriage without the wheels and handles. A baby could sleep soundly through all kinds of environmental changes. You can clearly see the benefits, as for safety, that was seriously lacking and the protective devices of today are clearly needed. But of course the reasons for such are lost on a sleeping 2 month old.

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  1. Fascinating, Kate ... it's incredible the tiny details we remember about our babies, even years and years later ... I can't wait to read your next post! :)