Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rug People

Jessica had some strange actions. Very bizarre that would leave you wondering 'what is she doing? seeing? thinking?' One example of this was when she would drop to the floor in a crawling position, look at the floor and burst out laughing. She did this quite often. You would swear their was a TV monitor in the floor. One day Melissa asked me why she does this and I said she is watching the "rug people". This became the running joke any time Jess would display this behavior. One has to see the humor, don't you think? She seemed to be watching something, who knows? Melissa and I would make up stories as to what the rug people might be doing to make Jess laugh so.

Sometimes she would hear a noise and freeze and move at the same time. Can't picture that? Well she would be so rigid that she vibrated then she would quickly turn, run to the couch and laugh. Honest, she kept us in stitches and moments like this were so important when in the next breath she could be tantruming to beat the band.

These moments gave us something enjoyable to hold onto. We would go to great lengths to discover more of what would make her smile and laugh. We were a family who valued laughter very much. Nothing was off limits and if you made a mistake you could be sure it would be poked fun of and not in a mean way, a way so that you would not take the situation so seriously. If you can't find the humor in life, it can be quite sad.

So I guess I just wanted to reveal that Jessica brought a lot of humor to our family and we are grateful.

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